Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Rating

The Professional Aviation Training Academy Malta Multi Engine Piston Land Rating (MEPL) provides pilots with the theoretical and practical training required for the safe operation of multi engine piston aircraft. The course is available for Part-FCL commercial pilots and private pilots alike, provided they hold a minimum of 70 hours of pilot-in-command flying experience.

The training course comprises a minimum of 7 hours of ground school, during which the student is introduced to the increased complexity of multi engine piston aircraft especially when compared to single engine training aircraft. Following this, students commence with flight training on our EFIS P2006T state of the art aircraft under the supervision of a Class Rating Instructor. Our flight training syllabus for the MEPL is based on Part-FCL 1.261 which specifies a minimum requirement of 2 hours 30 minutes of dual flight training under normal conditions of multi-engine aeroplane operation, and not less than 3 hours 30 minutes dual flight training in engine failure procedures and asymmetric flight techniques.

The course can be typically completed within a week on a full-time basis.