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Trial Flights offer the thrill and excitement of your first flying lesson. Take to the skies in the hands of one of our experienced instructors and experience the feel of the aircraft. You will have the opportunity to do a few basic manoeuvres yourself and ask all the questions you want.

You can also share the experience. If you book the trial flight on the Cessna 172, you can invite up to 2 people to join you.  In such a case each person on board will get a chance to fly the aircraft, which includes a full-stop landing for each crew change.  Unfortunately, due to regulations, passengers as such are not allowed on board Trial Flights.

Our Trial Flights are also the ideal gift. You can buy a gift voucher and the actual flight can be booked anytime afterwards. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

Trial flights can be booked through the online form below.

Trial flight brochure 2022

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