Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) Theory Course

Our Airline Transport Pilot Licence  theory course is based on a distance-learning program utilising a modern web-based training system. Prior to commencing this training, students require a basis of Mathematics and Physics, which can also be provided by the Academy upon request.

The course is based on 25 hours of study time per week, covering the material for all 13 theoretical subjects and spread over 3 modules which can be completed in 9 months. The course also includes the KSA100 requirement.

Students are provided with access to the study material and a large database of over 7,000 practice questions, accessible from any computer with internet access. The web-based training system is an innovative means of ensuring that students have continuous access to the latest information and allows instructors to monitor student progress very accurately. The system is even able to generate routine reports of the student progress, to guide the instructors on the areas which are proving to be problematic for each student. Textbooks are also available for those who prefer studying from printed material.

In the meantime, students can continue with other aspects of the program such as hour building and night training. Should any difficulties be encountered during the ATPL home study phase, Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta guarantees instructor support. Following the completion of all the modules, students are invited to the Academy for a two-week intensive consolidation course, followed by one week of examinations organized by Transport Malta.

The ATPL (A) distance learning course includes: