Commercial pilot Licence (CPL)

Building on the high standard of training delivered to our students during the PPL course, our Commercial Pilot course is geared towards preparing pilots for commercial operations, to the highest level of safety and efficiency.

The CPL course includes a minimum of 25 hours of flight training during which students initially fly one of our Cessna 172 aircraft, practicing exercises already introduced during PPL training with the aim of increasing accuracy. Apart from various general handling manoeuvres, a significant emphasis is placed on VFR navigation. Following this, students are introduced to two new aspects of flight operations, namely instrument flying and complex multi engine aircraft operations. The CPL course includes a minimum of 10 hours of flying by sole reference to instruments covering various flight manoeuvres and radio navigation tracking.

A minimum of 5 hours of the training course are also required to be flown on a complex aircraft. Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta utilizes an EFIS P2006T aircraft for this purpose. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their MEPL training on the P2006T prior to, or whilst conducting their CPL training. This would more than double the exposure to the aircraft type in preparation for the final skills test. Following completion of all training requirements, the student would then be presented for the skill test on the P2006T obtaining the CPL and MEPL simultaneously.

The following entry requirements apply to the Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta CPL Course:

Prior to applying for CPL licence issue, the pilot must have logged 200 hours as pilot of aeroplanes including:

The Academy can assist pilots who do not yet satisfy the course entry requirements. The CPL course can typically be completed in 4-6 weeks on a full-time basis.