Flight Instructor Course (FIC)


Flight training for the Flight Instructor Course is performed on the Tecnam P92JS, Tecnam P2002JF and Cessna 172 aircraft. The Cessna 172 aircraft makes it possible for students to back seat training sessions, which can be an invaluable opportunity. The fact that the instructor trainee is exposed to all types during the course is an advantage and exposes the instructor to a
mix of aircraft including high and low-winged aircraft, Rotax and Lycoming powered aircraft.


Flight Instructor Course consists of 125 hours of ground training and 30 hours of flight training under the supervision of our highly experienced flight instructor instructors.

Course content

Training commences with a thorough review of teaching and learning principles. During the first 25 hours, the student instructors are guided through best practices in the delivery of both long and short briefings, in which are essentially training the trainer sessions.

Thereafter, during the next 100 hours, each subject of the PPL syllabus is covered individually. The ground training phase also provides students with the opportunity to practice delivering briefings of all the PPL flight exercises as well as ground school lectures. The student instructor will be expected to do a full briefing in front of a class for an evaluation. This serves to enhance the student’s confidence and obtain valuable feedback from both the course tutor and other students.

The 30 hours of flight training consist of a minimum of 25 hours flown under the supervision of a FIC instructor. This provides the students with the tools required to efficiently deliver airborne training for all PPL flight exercises. The remaining 5 hours may be flown as mutual training hours, during which two students enrolled on an FIC course can fly together and practice their teaching skills.


Prior to enrollment in the Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta Flight Instructor Course, all students must hold at least the licence and rating towards which they seek instruction privileges. Prior to course commencement, candidates holding a CPL must also have flown 30hrs on single engine piston land aeroplanes, 5hrs of which must have been in the last 6 months. We are also able to assist prospective FIC students in attaining the pre-entry course requirements. When all requirements are satisfied, applicants for the FI course will be required to pass a specific pre entry flight test with a FIC instructor within 6 months preceding the course starting date. This test will be based on the proficiency check for class and type ratings as set out in appendix 9 to part-FCL.

Pilots holding a PPL can also become flight instructors however different experience pre-entry requirements apply. PPL holders are most welcome to contact us for further information.


The final Assessment of Competency will be conducted by an external examiner.

Upon the successful completion of the FIC course and relevant assessment of competence, the new instructors are issued with a flight instructor certificate which grants the privilege to instruct towards a PPL, LAPL and SEP rating.

Course fee

Total quote for the training of Euro 9,325. This includes 25 hours of dual flying (based on 15 hours on P92JS/P2002JF and 10 hours C172, 5 hours of mutual flying on P92JS/P2002JF) and 125 hours of ground training.

Other rates available on request.

Course duration

Course average duration is 8 weeks. This is a very intensive course and adequate time should be allocated. Part-time courses are possible, but not advisable if required over a long period.

Advanced FIC courses

Advanced flight instructor training is also available at our ATO. This includes night instructor training, instrument rating instructor training and Multi Engine Class Rating instructor training for instructors who are seeking additional qualifications to progress in this extremely rewarding career!