Hour Building

We know you would like to fly as much as possible. So, to help you achieve this we offer a choice of 2 programmes, which means you do not have to lose out on the benefit of hours you have flown.

Hour Building (SEP) time-restricted
The pilot pays the normal rate and then receives 5 free hours after completing 50 hours in a period of six months. Additional hours are calculated pro-rata at the ratio 10:1.

It is not required to pay the package upfront but pilots who wish to avail themselves of this benefit have to register the start date with the Training Coordinator along with a payment of €1000. Free hours are redeemable after the 50 hours have been flown.

FlightStar Points – ongoing
Our FlightStar scheme makes flying cheaper for our loyal pilots. Through this scheme, every Euro spent on aircraft hire entitles you to one FlightStar Point and there is no time-limit to this benefit. When hiring the aircraft you will receive points for every hour flown and 20 hours will give you sufficient points to get 1 hour free. Your points status can be requested from the Accounts department, and it may be redeemed against any service offered by the Academy, which includes aircraft hire as shown below:

3,300 points = 1 hour free on P92JS or P2002JF (resultant € 157 per hour)
3,600 points = 1 hour free on Cessna 172 (resultant € 171 per hour)

Once your FlightStar Points balance is sufficient, and with confirmation from the Accounts department, you can advise Operations that you wish to book a flight/s redeeming your points accordingly.

Please note that FlightStar points cannot be redeemed for cash. Only one offer can be utilised at any one time and therefore flights registered under the Hour Building scheme are not eligible for this scheme.

All our packages include:
• Local landing fees
• Aircraft checklists
• Complimentary Headset
• Complimentary Life-raft for navigation flights

Hour Building Brochure 2023