Tecnam P2006T

The Tecnam P2006T, our ultra-modern twin engine aircraft, 9H-PAT and 9H- MEP, are available for advanced training, as well as MEP & IR renewals and revalidations.

The aircraft boasts a number of advantage over its direct competitors, such as better performance, great cabin comfort, and a higher service ceiling. The aircraft has a typical cruise speed of 145 knots at 75% power, a sea level rate of climb of 1260 feet per minute and a service ceiling of 15,000 feet. Measuring 3,35 meters’ length by 1,2 meters in width. Particularly special features include the up-turned, swept-back winglets which improves slow speed handling and the training link main undercarriage which is both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

9H-PAT is equipped with a Garmin G950 avionics suite, integrating all primary flight, navigation, communication and terrain data on two high-definition LCDs. The aircraft is also fitted with an S-Tec 55x high-performance, two-axis autopilot, with advanced features, as well as a WX-500 Stormscope Series II Weather Mapping Sensor.

9H-MEP is the latest addition to the fleet. This brand-new aircraft boasts the latest cockpit technology with the Garmin 1000Nxi avionics.