Tecnam P92JS and P2002JF

The Academy has the use of 2 Tecnam P92JS and 2 Tecnam P2002JF

Our Italian designed 2-seater Tecnams have a wide and comfortable cabin, superior handling characteristics and operating costs which are far lower than similar training aircraft, especially thanks to the Rotax 912 engine.

The Tecnam P92JS is a high wing, two seat, single engine aircraft equipped with tricycle landing gear.

The Tecnam P2002JF is a low-wing, two seat, single engine aircraft equipped with tricycle landing gear.  F-HUBK is also equipped for night rating instruction.

These aircraft have excellent forward visibility over the cowling, with in-flight adjustable seats which increase in height as they are moved forward. All Tecnam aircraft have dual control sticks with a curve at the base for ease of ingress and egress. The dual controls come standard with PTT and electric stabilator trim on the stick with a trim indicator on the panel and with dual conventional rudder pedals and a steerable nose wheel.

The P92JS 9H-MSF, is very well equipped with a Garmin GPSMAP695, boasting a bright 7 inch diagonal high-definition sunlight-readable display introducing students and pilots to the latest navigation technology, and are being used as ab initio trainers.

Both models of aircraft are available for hire.

These aircraft make it possible for the Academy to continue offering the lowest rates of flight training and aircraft hire especially for hour builders.