Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

The PPL training takes about 3-4 months if done on a full-time basis.

Ground School:

The Professional Aviation Training Academy Malta has dedicated ground school instructors, who will ensure that you have the knowledge you require to pass the theoretical exams. All theoretical classes are held at the Academy’s facilities in Malta.

There are 9 subjects to pass:

Principles of Flight; Flight Performance Planning; Aircraft General Knowledge; Air Law, Operational Procedures, Human Performance; Meteorology; Navigation and Communications (Radio Telephony).

Students who intend to attempt theoretical knowledge examinations shall complete the following required minimum hours of training:

Module Hours
Human Performance and Limitations 8
Communications 8
Air Law 8
Operational Procedures 8
Aircraft General Knowledge 12
Principles of Flight 8
Flight Performance and Planning 8
Meteorology 16
Navigation 24

In all cases, the minimum total theoretical knowledge training provided to PPL candidates shall never be less than 100 hours.

There will also be a practical test in Radio Telephony:

The practical Radio Telephony test will be carried out in the English, conducted in-house by our qualified Radio Telephony examiner.

In addition, you will be expected to pass the English Language Proficiency test. For non-English speakers, our dedicated language specialists will be available to help you with this requirement.


Students have a limited number of sittings available to complete all nine Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD) theoretical exams and are encouraged to make use of them in the most effective manner possible. The MSoF requirement for PPL students is to obtain a minimum of 75% in a mock test prior to being recommended to attempt the theoretical examinations organized by the CAD. Upon successful completion of one or more mock tests, your ground instructor will guide you toward the procedure for the final tests.

If an examination paper (eg. Meteorology) is failed a second time, you might not be allowed to redo the exam again, until you have taken further training in that subject/s, until your instructor certifies that you are fit to do the examination again. In all cases, all the theoretical examinations must be passed in an 18-month period to be acceptable for the grant of the PPL licence.

Flight Training:

Flight training is done on the Tecnam P92JS or the Cessna 172. Ground School and Flight Training exercises will be conducted alternately during your PPL course, so that theoretical knowledge can be applied to actual flight training.

However, before a student can go solo, the following exams must have been passed:  Air law and Communication, as well as the practical Radio Telephony test and the English Language Proficiency test.

In addition, you will be expected to write a test on the technical aspects of the aircraft and a pre-solo test. The full flight training syllabus will be discussed with you once before you start flying.

Student study and flight kit:

When enrolling the first time you will be issued with a student study pack which contains the basic items you will require during your training. This pack can be upgraded, to include items such as David Clark headsets, at an additional cost.