Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta achieved a number of exciting milestones recently. Apart from the approval of the Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) Course in March 2017 – which is a first in Malta – a record number of ATPL theory students are enrolled for the course during 2017. And the rest of the year will, without a doubt, be even more rewarding with the addition of new aircraft to the fleet and a range of international projects on the cards.

Garmin Aviation Dealership awarded

We are truly honoured and proud to have been awarded the Garmin Aviation Dealership following a long and demanding approval process. Garmin is certainly a company that needs no introduction in several fields: be it marine, outdoor recreation, sports and fitness, and last but not least aviation. Very few aircraft nowadays do not have Garmin […]

Armed Forces Malta student pilots making progress

We are proud and honoured to have been awarded the contract to train pilots for the Armed Forces Malta. 6 students successfully completed the first phase of their training in 2020 and are now proceeding with the rest of their advanced courses.

7 Unique things to do in Gozo – Travelmag.com

There’s no more unique way to see Malta than from the skies and Maltaflying’s sightseeing flights make it possible for passengers to discover the beauty of the islands combined with the excitement of flying in a light aircraft. 7 Unique things to do in Gozo

Malta offers great flying conditions

Malta International Airport provides an excellent environment for students who wish to become professional pilots.

Multi Crew Cooperation Courses now available in Malta

The new year brought exciting developments for Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta, when it received approval for its Multi-Crew Course (MCC).

A first for Aviation in Malta

The very first group of Chinese cadets started their training at Professional Aviation Training Academy – Malta during March 2017.