Training Base

The Malta International Airport is located within the largest island in the archipelago, Malta. This world-class international airport boasts all facilities typically associated with a commercial airport environment and is connected to all major European airports through daily flights. Malta Airport has been included in the Airport Council’s International Director-General Roll of Excellence. This exclusive list recognizes airports that have ranked among the top five in Airport Service Quality for their category on at least five difference occasions. Since 2011, only 17 airports have made it to the Roll of Excellence. Malta Airport is the third European airport to receive such a prestigious recognition following Port (Portugal) and Zurich (Switzerland).

While training, students are familiarised with a professional air traffic control system, which manages training flights together with other airliners, business jets and freighters who regularly visit Malta or transit through the airspace. Traffic intensity is typically light to moderate, therefore allowing training flight to operate without significant delay. Efficient aircraft movements are further assisted by the availability of 2 runways (05-23 and 31-13)

Measuring 3544m by 60 m, runway 31-13 is one of the largest runways available worldwide, and is equipped with instrument approach procedures extremely valuable for instrument training. This runway is regularly used by heavy aircraft such as the Antonov 124 freighter. The Airbus 380 aircraft has also used this runway for touch and go training. Measuring 2377m by 45m, runway 23-05 is also very suitable for training and commercial operations alike.

In addition to using Malta International for training, all our navigation flights are conducted to Sicily. This provides the students with additional exposure to flying over water, and land on a variety of runways, such as asphalt, grass and gravel. The airports of Catania, Comiso, Modica and Reggio-Calabria are frequently used.

The latest Aeronautical Information Publication containing the technical details of the Maltese airspace and airport can be accessed from: http://www.transport.gov.mt/aviation/air-navigationaerodrome-standards