Aircraft Hire

All our basic training aircraft can be hired by qualified pilots

The requirement for hire is a valid EASA licence and SEP or MEP rating, current medical, EASA ELP level 4+ and English language radio proficiency – both endorsed on the licence.

Pilots are required to do a check flight with an instructor at an additional charge before being allowed to hire an aircraft, even if they are current on type. This is mainly to get familiar with the environment and specific airspace requirements.

Aircraft can be hired for longer periods or overnight, with no additional charge. The only requirement is a minimum number of flying hours per day, which are more for peak seasons and less for off-peak periods. Information available on request.

Hirers will be requested to sign a hire agreement, a Part NCO summary agreement and the Local Safety rules.

Flights to non-ICAO registered airfields or short runways need prior approval from the Head of Training, by submitting his/her flight planning in advance. Flights done without approval will not be covered by insurance.

All information about flying in the area, along with charts, are available and can be studied beforehand. In addition the Academy’s library has computers that can be used for flight planning.

For pilots who want to hire and aircraft for an hour or two, but not do the check flight, can request a safety pilot/instructor at an additional charge.


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